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Matroids Matheplanet

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worldwide matheplanet

With intent to match the demands of the overwhelming part of the mathematicians community in the whole world and to invite any exceptional skilled individuals from all over the world to join in, we have decided that matheplanet will from now on act as an internet site with clear focus to the english speaking majority in science and technology. Our goal is to become the world most appreciated maths forum. The first step according to our new strategy is to strictly force the usage of the most common and connectional language, the language which is almost everywhere respected and accepted. From now on we will use the english language for all our publications and releases. We are convinced that nobody who really wants to graduate in maths can seriously defeat this exchange or afford to stand beside it.

Most of the relevant specialist literature and most textbooks are originally written in english. The greatest part of this material will never be translated to any other european language, and if so, however, the translation comes late and usually will have added several errors to the original act. In times of progressive globalization of academic labor markets matheplanet cannot serve better to your needs than by forcing you to exercise your language skills by now. What does the new orientation mean to anybody here?
  1. Please, in any case, do not use german language in your forum postings any longer.
  2. Please be aware that from now on we expect your articles and book reviews to be written in english.
  3. We will furthermore refuse to publish texts written in german language.
  4. Within the next three days we will translate all the static content of this site, i.e. menu items, button names, messages, the faq and almost everything in the context. If any german word remains on matheplanet we will appreciate your information.
  5. We founded a work group and its members will subsequently and consequently translate all the remaining articles from german to english. This will last some time, but we are confident, to finish with this work until end of summer. It would be of great help if you join this work group and give active support to our endeavour.
  6. A new forum subdivision has been established as a place where you can post all your questions regarding translation, so you do not stand alone in the next months until you get familiar with the new circumstances.
Let me at last express my strong belief that in a few months all of us will be splendidly prepared for any communication or job-opportunity all over the world. Last but not least we will gladly welcome thousands of new members from all over the world, members that will help to make matheplanet become more lively, more up to date, more diversified, more relevant and more funny. Just imagine at what pace the night watch will grow if the group of participants comes from all around the world and night never ends in the realm of matheplanet. We eagerly await a great future. Yours sincerly Matroid
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worldwide matheplanet [von matroid]  
With intent to match the demands of the overwhelming part of the mathematicians community in the whole world and to invite any exceptional skilled individuals from all over the world to join in, we have decided that matheplanet will from now on act as an internet site with cle
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"Rätsel und Spiele: worldwide matheplanet" | 43 Comments
The authors of the comments are responsible for the content.

Please create ge2en, please
von: SchuBi am: Sa. 01. April 2006 08:04:04
\(\begingroup\)Hallo, Matroid! It will take big efforts for me to use English instead of German. My English is not very well, because in English there are only few rules and many exceptions (specially irregular forms). I appreciate a tool called ge2en to translate postings from German to English. In the meantime my modest proposal is a bilingual forum . On odd days we post in German - the other days we shall use English. This is my first step as bloody beginner 😉 PS: I'm waiting for April 2nd.\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: da_bounce am: Sa. 01. April 2006 10:07:07
\(\begingroup\)oh yea great article okay I want be part of this but I agree with SchuBI my english is very bad sometimes I nneed words cos may voc isn't great and I like more french than english so hope anyone can understand me :) mfg bounce\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: hansibal am: Sa. 01. April 2006 10:16:26
\(\begingroup\)I certainly agree with Matroid, most of us, including myself, may have problems with being as fluent in english as we are in german, but nevertheless we all have to make sacrifices. Matroid made this wonderful forum available for us all and demanded so little - obeying his wishes is the least we can do. mfg hansibal\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: KingGeorge am: Sa. 01. April 2006 10:25:12
\(\begingroup\)Dear Mr. Matroid, THE language in the next century is CHINESE and not english. Yours sincerely KingGeorge\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Benjamin001 am: Sa. 01. April 2006 10:50:58
\(\begingroup\)This message is very shocking because it will be a great effort to the majority of our members to communicate in appropriate english. Mainly the pupils have to rely on the support and most of them have only a superficial knowledge of the language because they are just too young. I surely will visit the MP less often in the future because it is simply a strain for me to communicate that way. Until now the MP was a perfect site. Very bad decision! greetings Benjamin\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Benjamin001 am: Sa. 01. April 2006 11:13:17
\(\begingroup\)I forgot something: Communicating in general english would be feasible but you have to use technical terms of maths and physics to describe your problem to the others and this is just something you can't demand from everyone because they are also people who haven't studied the subject with its special terms. It's unfair to the uneducated pupils who need strongly your advice. How should I describe my problems, and what is even more demanding, how should I understand the answers? I was so happy when I found this platform of my wishes, it was really the oasis in the desert. And now, I have to search another forum that doesn't exist in this perfect manner. Another thing: Why another forum in english? There is an infinite number of english speaking math-forums in the web and your claim "Our goal is to become the world most appreciated maths forum" seemed to be a trifle obsessive. The best solution would be really a bilingual forum. What a pity!!! greetings Benjamin\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: galexy am: Sa. 01. April 2006 11:51:37
\(\begingroup\)So, afterall I have to change my nick into galaxy, because galexy is wrong orthography. 😉\(\endgroup\)

Auf zu neuen Küsten !
von: fru am: Sa. 01. April 2006 11:53:31
\(\begingroup\)Dear Benjamin! I share your opinion und I guess, matroids decision depends only on his wish to push the night watch (as the remark at the end of his article seems to show). What do you think about founding a new math forum using only german language ? I am sure, most of the inhabitants of Matroids Matheplanet will immigrate to our new forum and by this we can easily defeat the english site within a few days. At first we'll need a proper name and I would suggest "1.A.-Mathematik", which offers some interpretations ... Best wishes to you, Franz \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: syngola am: Sa. 01. April 2006 13:09:10
\(\begingroup\)Hi, I wouldn't believe anything before April 2nd! Greetings, Peter PS: nontheless it seems to be a good idea ;)\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: WeSe am: Sa. 01. April 2006 13:12:57
\(\begingroup\)Och nein bitte nicht... war hier immer so gern, aber wenn ich jetz alles auf Englisch lesen muss dann is der Spaß den ich immer dabei hatte weg... :-(( PS: Ich hoffe inständig, dass dies ein Aprilscherz war...\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Konfuzius am: Sa. 01. April 2006 13:16:40
\(\begingroup\)Nice joke!\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: weserus am: Sa. 01. April 2006 13:51:48
\(\begingroup\)Im Angesicht der mathematischen 'hardliner'-dieses Wort ist englisch- würde es Matroid nie wagen einen Artikel zu setzen, der dem Spass dient und auf halbheidnisches und halbreligiöses Brauchtum zurückreicht. Zu dem würde es die Demissionare wegen des religiösen Aspektes aktivieren. Nein! Es ist Ernst gemeint! Ab 02. Aril 2006 findet ihr die Festlegungen auch in den Nutzungsbedingungen. \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: KingGeorge am: Sa. 01. April 2006 13:54:30
\(\begingroup\)@Wese das ist reiner Zufall mit dem Datum, und absolut ernst gemeint. lg Georg P.S. lern schon mal Chinesisch Edit: P.P.S. wird Chinesisch hier groß geschrieben? P.P.P.S wie soll ich C(c)inesisch lernen, wenn ich noch nicht einmal die d(D)eutsche Sprache richtig beherrsche? P.P.P.P.S. wird beherrsche mit 2 r geschrieben?\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: cow_gone_mad am: Sa. 01. April 2006 14:06:10
\(\begingroup\)Hello everybody 😄 The world language is not english. It's bad english. You know it's often much harder understanding a talk by a native english speaker, then by somebody who learnt english as second language. Native english speakers are often speaking faster and have all their regional accent stuff. So I am definitly for that everybody will be using from now on BAD english as their main posting language! At least I now got an excuse for not posting today, except the beautiful sunshine outside. I don't want to shock anybody by my replies being in english, since this decision doesn't seem to have affected the forums yet. And I think matroid speaking of "most" and stuff like that, is halleluva arrogant. We are lucky this all is bogus. 😉 Cheers, cow_\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Hans-Juergen am: Sa. 01. April 2006 14:10:05
\(\begingroup\)Hi Martin, "matheplanet" is a German word, therefore it would be consequent to change it into "math planet" at least - following Schubi's proposal - on even days. Since my English isn't as well as your's sometimes I'll prefer Filser English like "equal goes it loose" etc. Best regards, Hans-Juergen \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: KingGeorge am: Sa. 01. April 2006 14:11:25
\(\begingroup\)@weserus d'accord. lg Georg P.S. schreibt mandas mit 2 c? P.P.S. Ich bin für "Pidgin-English" "Me have a problem, can you help I" \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: matroid am: Sa. 01. April 2006 14:58:57
\(\begingroup\)Thank you all for your comments and usefull suggestions. I thought about the name 'matheplanet' too and found out we don't have to change it. It will be enough to pronounce it 'math-e-planet'. You realize the innuendo: An e-planet is the virtual counterpiece to a planet, like e-mail to mail or e-learning to learning. And our planet is an e-planet for math. So everything's ok. @galexy: Yes, I see the problem with the nicknames. If you want me to change your name in galaxy please write me a PM. In this case it's propriate to make exemption from our terms of usage. And of course, all other members who once have choosen a genuine german name will be granted the same option. \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Ill am: Sa. 01. April 2006 15:01:39
\(\begingroup\)This piece of news just knocked me down!!! :O I think THIS will rather prevent people from asking questions on the planet, and not support them (especially german users)!!! What will happen to a user, who writes his question in german? Will they be kicked from the planet? That would be ridiculous!!!!!! Furthermore, it will be a whole lot of work to translate every article into english... Come on, you can't be serious.....really ;) VIELE GRÜßE, ILL ......(please don't kick me now)\(\endgroup\)

Lucky Ill (ill?)
von: fru am: Sa. 01. April 2006 15:17:14
\(\begingroup\)Hi, Ill ! You are at least lucky enough not to need to change your nickname, for it is undoubtely an englisch word. Best wishes, Franz PS: Besides the capital letter ....\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: cow_gone_mad am: Sa. 01. April 2006 15:20:36
\(\begingroup\)Hi everybody 😄 I am the member of the math-e-planet, formally known as "verrückte Kuh". You know, it's kinda unlucky that tomorrow, I will be known as v.K. again. Maybe, I will stay crying for the 1.April to come back for years to come. This nickname is so cool, and the other so lame! 😄 Cheers, cow_\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: quakie am: Sa. 01. April 2006 15:25:11
\(\begingroup\)Huhu, was ist mit denjenigen, die so schlecht in Englisch sind, und damit den Artikel gar nicht verstehen??? (Nicht, dass ich mich dazuzähle ;-).) Liebe Grüße, quakie (kweikie)\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Hans-Juergen am: Sa. 01. April 2006 15:33:46
\(\begingroup\)Hi Martin, your pronounciation "math-e-planet" with the meaning you explained is ingenious. Let me say it in this way: "Math-e-planet is heavy on wire!" Hans-Jürgen \(\endgroup\)

[Kein Betreff]
von: WeSe am: Sa. 01. April 2006 15:53:48
\(\begingroup\)Ach was soll das alles ☹️ auch wenn es nur ein Spaß ist... aber jetz hier auch noch so oder so die Amerikanisierung zu fördern ☹️\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Rodion am: Sa. 01. April 2006 16:31:50
\(\begingroup\)Hållo Martin, og finna den ideen suppar och vil waitarfurend föreslå , den mateplanet så filspråkig vi möjlig till makna , så som beispilen ock en svedisk undarforum inrichtar. Då kennar sig den ganzar väld vi zu hausar fulen. Filar grußar Rodi\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: galexy am: Sa. 01. April 2006 16:38:21
\(\begingroup\)@matroid: I've made a list of other Seniors whose names must be changed:
blauklaus -> blueclaus DaMenge -> DaSet Def_Seien -> Def_Let be Ende -> end Fragezeichen -> questionmark fru(eh?) -> ear(ly) galexy -> galaxy Gockel -> cock (or rooster) Hans-im-Pech -> unlucky Jack (or black jack) Hartmut -> hardcourage hirngeschwandter -> brain skillfuled huepfer -> hopper Irrlicht -> ghost light jannna -> jannne Kleine_Meerjungfrau -> little mermaid (or arielle, not new, I know) lochi -> holy ( 😉 ) Mathehefter -> math file michf -> me(f) murmelbaerchen -> "lost in translation"-baer NiNaNu -> NeverHeyNow (NeverWellNow) Philipp-ER -> Phil-HE physikus -> physicus psychater -> psychiatrist quaki -> croaky Radix -> root salzmann -> salty man sternstaub -> stardust viertel -> quarter Waschtel -> wash phone Wauzi -> woofy (the vampire slayer)
I hopefully forgot no one 😉\(\endgroup\)

English nicks
von: fru am: Sa. 01. April 2006 17:01:38
\(\begingroup\)@galaxy: I have ever read "Def_Seien" as "Def.:_Let_n_be", I hope, the author will explain his nick to us. And: "fru" needs not to be changed, it's an acronyme of my name. But, if you want so, you can also read it as "feeling rarely understood" *g* !\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Hans-Juergen am: Sa. 01. April 2006 17:37:46
\(\begingroup\)@ WeSe much light you have it not goose understanded I self am beghosted from Martins joke 😄 @ Rodion Ist das echtes Schwedisch? Ich versteh' ja jedes Wort! Hans-Jürgen \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: EpsilonRhoRho am: Sa. 01. April 2006 17:46:32
\(\begingroup\)Great Idea :) So lets also get rid of these odd words in mathematical papers like "Eigenvalue" and "Ansatz"! I humbly suggest "own-value" and "Once upon a time". Best Regards M. \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: praeci am: Sa. 01. April 2006 18:20:09
\(\begingroup\)Hi, I can only support this proposal---recent posts show that the platform formerly known as "Matheplanet" has gone international. So why not use this opportunity? The question for the language to use then comes down to mere numbers---there are far more English-speaking people than there are German-speaking---so it's the only logical consequence ... As an addition: To support the urgent need for culture in this world, all questions and answers should be formulated as poems, or as plays like good old W. S. did them ... @EpsRhoRho: The complete "Eigen"-stuff is named after the Norwegian mathematician Eugen Eigen, isn't it? 😉 To be serious: Nice April Fool's Day joke, Martin !?!?! --Andi.\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Gockel am: Sa. 01. April 2006 18:26:12
\(\begingroup\)@praeci: The name ist not Eugen Eigen, it's Julius Eigen as you can see here: viewtopic.php?topic=34467 mfg Gockel.\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: mathehorn am: Sa. 01. April 2006 18:27:08
\(\begingroup\)Dear Folks, what about a nice poll? "Which language would you prefer to be the official Math-e-planet language?" - English - French - Chinese - Swedish - I hate polls. Such far-reaching changes should only be made after a democratic process... :) Have a nice day! Yours, beatles01\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: buh am: Sa. 01. April 2006 18:38:50
\(\begingroup\)Eim werry praud tu bie äh memba off Ssis greyt wörld korled "Math-e-planet". Sintz hahf pahst tssrie (after Matroid korled mie ätt Neiht) eim sitting änt transläiting orl sse "Montagsriports" intuh Inglisch. Waits ab, fränds. Juhr cinderella buh \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: WeSe am: Sa. 01. April 2006 18:51:40
\(\begingroup\)Hallo Hans-Jürgen, würdest du bitte auf Deutsch mit mir sprechen, nicht dass ich es nicht vielleicht verstehen könnte wenn ich wollte, aber ich will nicht =) Gruß WeSe\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Hans-Juergen am: Sa. 01. April 2006 19:03:10
\(\begingroup\)Hi WeSe, es war ein Scherz wie (fast) alles hier in diesem Zusammenhang. Nimm's bitte nicht übel. Und was ich schrieb, ist es nicht wert, ins Deutsche übersetzt zu werden. Freundlichen Gruß, Hans-Jürgen P. S. Was bedeutet " =) " ? \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: WeSe am: Sa. 01. April 2006 20:21:14
\(\begingroup\)Hi Hans-Jürgen Auch was ich schrieb, war nicht ganz ernst zu nehmen 😄 Wollte dich nicht angreifen oder so falls du das meinst, sondern nur passend auf die Mitteilung reagieren 😄 "=)" ist so ähnlich wie ":)", "=" sind eben die Augen 😄 Gruß WeSe\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet = Aprilscherz
von: matroid am: Sa. 01. April 2006 20:47:38
\(\begingroup\)April, April! Selbstverständlich ist das nicht mein Ernst. Der Matheplanet bleibt ein deutschsprachiges Forum und Portal. Niemand ist wirklich darauf hereingefallen, und darum ist es um so schöner, daß ihr alle kräftig mitgemacht habt, diesen Streich auszuschmücken. Ich habe viel Lachen können, spätestens bei 'wash phone' lag ich unterm Tisch vor Lachen. Beste Grüße Matroid\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Wauzi am: Sa. 01. April 2006 21:12:03
\(\begingroup\)Aber so wird das wirklich viel lustiger. Speziell in der night-awake. Mit dem overnightawaker und dem with-awaker aus easterrich and the kingin of the night named afollowsb. Irgendwie erinnert mich das an meine Englischstunden in der Schulzeit. Maked good more away so. Wauzi \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: continuous am: Sa. 01. April 2006 23:09:24
\(\begingroup\)Hi, mein Name würde sich ja zum Glück nicht ändern 😄 Auch wenn es ein Aprilscherz war, ich hätte die Idee auch ernsthaft unterstützt. Eigentlich schade... Christian\(\endgroup\)

Wie, das war nur ein Aprilscherz ?!
von: fru am: Sa. 01. April 2006 23:38:47
\(\begingroup\)Dann sage ich die Gründung des neuen Forums "1.A.-Mathematik" natürlich wieder ab.\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet = zu spät
von: matroid am: Sa. 01. April 2006 23:47:20
\(\begingroup\)Mensch, stetig, hätteste Dich doch etwas früher klar geäußert, dann hätte ich es durchgehalten, zumal fru ja immer auf unserer Seite war.\(\endgroup\)

... zumal fru ja immer auf unserer Seite war.
von: fru am: So. 02. April 2006 00:28:50
\(\begingroup\)Kann es sein, daß ich mißverstanden wurde ? \(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Aikee am: So. 02. April 2006 12:39:26
\(\begingroup\)Den mathplanet gibt es aber schon - nur deswegen hätte ich es nicht unterstützt, obwohl Matro's Argumente einleuchtend waren. ....und auch ich wäre wahrscheinlich auch an der Sprache gescheitert. Aber das hätte die Nachtwache noch lustiger gemacht (wenn ich denn da mal bin) und meine Wut auf meine doofen Fragen noch größer .... Shine on, Aikee\(\endgroup\)

Re: worldwide matheplanet
von: Martin_Infinite am: So. 02. April 2006 16:39:01
\(\begingroup\)Hi zusammen, schade, dass ich gestern nicht hier sein konnte. Das war ja ein richtig lustiger Aprilscherz :-). Vor allem die Nick-Übersetzungen *ggg* Ich denke übrigens wie continuous, dass die Idee gar nicht so schlecht ist. Geht doch mal in ein englisches Matheforum, und schreibt da eine Antwort. Wo ist das Problem? ;) Übrigens hat matroid schon vor über einer Woche mit den Vorbereitungen angefangen, siehe hier 😉 Gruß Martin\(\endgroup\)

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